Jennifer Kusch, Your Personal Empowerment Coach and Speaker

Jennifer Kusch is a key-note speaker and personal empowerment life coach.

Jen Kusch, Dirty Foundations Founder, is a California native, that now calls Idaho home. She has an extreme passion for people and showing people their authentic power. Jen and her three kids have survived chronic illness, devastating loss, mental, emotional, and physical abuse, and even a stint of homelessness. Through it all, Jen picked herself up, and has made a life she is now proud of. (That’s not to say that Jen is perfect…FAR, FAR from it, but her story is one of finding herself, through herself, and is a work-in-progress.) From corporate training, to talent acquisition, to podcasting, to the mom life, Jen will show you how YOU can take your life by the horns, and turn the struggles into resilience, and find YOUR POWER to live an authentic life, and HUMAN better.